The first thing we ask when we think undertake is how to start a business without money? Is that possible?

We have this idea that to create a successful company, we need large amounts of capital, ideas and profitable business much technical knowledge especially in finance and business management.

But we know from experience and because we talked with many entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs, that’s not so.

You can start your own business from scratch with no money, from home and now.

At the end of this article, you’ll be able to start that project you want so badly to have.

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We do not need much money to start. The most profitable business idea is the value you have to offer, what problem you solve you to other people and they are the ones who will pay for that relieve them a burden.

Think about what things pay daily.

You pay a ticket for bus, taxi fee or gasoline service station. Why would you pay the driver, the collective company or the owner of the vending naphtha? Because you need to move you from one place to another to go to work and they will solve the problem. Thanks to them, you do not need to walk two hours before leaving home. So these people could build businesses around that because there are many people who have a problem and they solved it in different ways.

What else you pay on the day?

You go to the supermarket, a store (if you are in Argentina, also a kiosk), a pantry to buy food and items you need for the house. Most people, especially in big cities, not grow all their food. Then a clear need is to get food somehow. Shops and supermarkets who have solved that problem. Everyone knows that if they need to get food in these places will be able to meet that need. And they are the ones who pay for it.

You see, in these simple and basic examples, we can see that to start a business you do not need a revolutionary, innovative idea that nobody thought of it before. You need to identify a clear need for a group of people and have a product or service can solve that problem.

Before, we had female accessories online shop. How we came up with this idea? We ask “what can we make it easy and sells well all year?”.


Bad mistakes.

After 2 years of working with an idea based only when it is sold and easy, we managed not grow and not enjoying what we were doing.

When we decided to focus on providing value, think first what need we meet with what we have to provide and create an idea from there, it was born and after more than a year are convinced that this is the best way to start.

The best business idea will be one in which other people ‘s needs are conjugated with real value that you have to contribute and solve their problems.


Of course in many cases, business models a major capital investment is needed. For example, if you want to create a box factory, you will need specific machines and a particular infrastructure for it.

But that is not a determinant. You can start your business without the big capital and still have exit or.

Accessory store the start with $ 120 pesos. To give an idea of how little it is, it would be something like $ 12. Although after a while we feel stuck and decided to close it, we never lost money, and we make it profitable.

No need to have a shop to start selling something. Nor is it necessary to have a super website designed to start an online business. You not even need to have something in your hands to start selling it.

What you have to do is start. From there it is all gain and everything to re-invest in your business will grow.

If the value you have to offer is in the form of a service, you can start offering the service to those you know a relatively low price, and if they hire you while you give a service and everything you learn what works and what does not , and when you have your second client will have improved the system and learned a lot.

This is a way to validate the idea that you have too. If anyone is interested in the service, or if no one wants to repay you, for it may mean that there is a real need or that you are not selling properly.

The whole experience starting no more laps will serve to improve, change and improve your product or service.


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You can start a website, you may want to create niche and sell advertising pages or put a shop and sell any product without knowing programming, without being an expert in online advertising or without having had many commercial premises before

There are three keys to starting a business without technical knowledge and skills exclusionary requirement:

No. 1 Know learn: nobody knows everything, and nobody has to know everything. Each person is unique, each of us is very good at something and not so good at other things. But we can all learn whatever. You have not studied anything in the University does not mean you can not learn it, doing a course, asking those who know, or the simple and powerful help of Google.

No. 2 Delegating: some things should delegate. If you are not expert in graphic design, you can delegate the work of graphic design you would take a month to learn, a person who can do it in two hours. Sometimes it is convenient to delegate investment and work, in order to use this week that it is essential tasks that make oneself, tasks that are central to the business.

No. 3: Always, but always, teamwork counts. If you have a team with which to work and you can get more achievements than anyone and complement what everyone knows. In SH we are four super different, with different looks and abilities, and we manage to make the most of the talents of each. So, we all learn new things but constantly optimize the time when everyone is responsible for what can best do and what he knows.

How to start a business without money

In the meetings and in every activity in which we engage, we try to encourage the exchange and teamwork. Everything is better and more creative when it arises from several heads thinking collaboratively.



Yes, sounds crazy, but many great entrepreneurs now enjoy having their businesses, to work what they like and have a much greater freedom than when they depended on a job and could not make decisions, they started their businesses while they worked as employees (work 8 hours a day or more).


How do they do that?

First of all, they have a clear purpose: to seek independence, want to have their own, and not dependĀ on more responsive to others, have very clear that they want freedom and power to make decisions and choose what to do and what not to do.

On the other hand, they now focus on what is important. If you do not learn to focus on what matters most, in that which will bring more results because it is very difficult for a few hours a day can have a water damage repair business that you can live. But if you learn to identify what is essential, you focus on that and work hard, nothing can go wrong.

With that said and I left you examples above, it is clear that something very intelligent that can save you time hits and errors is to look at those who have already achieved what you want to achieve, take their example and adapt it to your situation. Learn from them, ask for help, they found examples of those who follow the path you want to follow.


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